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We conduct regular statutory inspections of all scaffolding to be certain that safety is paramount. This applies for both the building and any present or future inhabitants. We service listed buildings with the respect that they warrant.

Caring for listed buildings

Any listed building is likely to require some form of maintenance. Whether it is a short or lengthy project, scaffolding could be the most practical way of reaching the desired areas of the building. Canary Scaffolding specialise in historical building scaffolding in Norfolk.

•  No risk of later damage.

•  Canary Scaffolding will not scar a listed building.

•  We operate in a responsible and professional manner.

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Unless you choose a service you can trust, there is a risk to scaffolding not being erected properly. This can cause a great deal of damage to historic fabric. Canary Scaffolding are your solution.

Eliminate the risk of damage to a listed building

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